BID Board Meeting Feb 2019

Date: Tuesday 5 February @5.30pm
Venue: Premier Travel, Hill Street

Chair: Jim Brewin


  • Sign off minutes from Jan 8 meeting (JB)
  • Company and Finance update (IH)
  • BID Board January Update (doc attached)
  • 2019 BID activity plan (doc attached)
  • Confirm date for next meeting Tuesday 5 March

Please find January Update in lieu of the minutes of this meeeting that focused on the development of the BID 2019 business plan

Christmas Shopping Challenge

  • All the vouchers were spent by Jan 31.  Shops that reimbursed where vouchers were used; Church Street Gallery, The Corner Cupboard, The Golden Butterfly, Gray Palmer, Abracadabra, The Mocha, GameOn, The Toy Box, Café CouCou, Modish, Lottie Mutton, Angela Reed

Excursions Exhibition – Jan 26

  • LSR represented the BID with Mark at the TIC.  Our objective was to engage with tour operators and get their interest in visiting SW.
  • We had many conversations through the day and collected contact information for 35.
  • Everyone we spoke to really liked the idea of the ‘meet and greet’ saying many other locations they went to didn’t offer the same
  • By the following Monday, Mark had 3 operators contact him saying they were visiting SW in the next few months and could they have a ‘meet and greet’
  • Joint promo on social media and press release for this week’s local papers
  • Mentioned to local businesses who attended Open Meetings last week and was well received

Armed Forces Day – June 29

  • Carver Barracks is joining this national initiative working with the TC and others to run and event in town that Saturday
  • As the BID we were invited by TC to meet with their planning team re this event to see what we could do/how we could be involved.  FB and LSR attended
  • This year the market will stay in the town centre and Carver Barracks will run activities/events on the common.  That weekend is also the Beer & Cider Festival (as per last year). Talked about having competitions, asking JP to run the Buskers to have music in town.  LSR mentioned conversation with CH that Saffron Building Society could poss offer choir…
  • Suggestions for the BID involvement are;
  • Organise businesses in town to offer discount to visitors/residents on the day
  • Support and promote via social media and link with AEH&G/MR
  • Fund banners to drive people to the town centre from carparks/Common
  • Employ people to engage with visitors on the day and hand out leaflets for shops or samples that encourage footfall in shops (an iteration of the Christmas Elves and fairies walking around town)

ACTION:       BID Board to decide if we will support with some activity to be fully costed and approved

Open Meetings

  • Two open meetings were held on Wednesday 30 January at Waitrose.
  • 8am: David Reed (Angela Reeds) and Faye (In-between-the-lines) and Jim/Shara/Louise
  • Update on activity shared; 2019 Plan being developed, Excursions opportunity, Armed forces day, BID role will be advertised and Shara talked about Business Watch
  • Both agreed BW was a good idea and would pass it on.  Needs to be followed up with signed forms
  • General good feedback on activity, LSR committed to follow up with them on the ideas for coming events
  • 5.30 pm: Heather and (Jane?) Color Craft, Luck Luck Oi and Marieke Dacey from Tees Law and Paul and partner from The Other One (Emson Close) and Jim/Shara/Louise
  • Same topics outlined as above.  Generally, more interaction and conversation about ideas for the town including; ‘Saffron Festival’ to promote our town, celebrate our heritage. Investigate the most interesting period eg medieval/Tudor/Georgian. Include and educational element
  • Get schools involved with events as children bring their parents
  • Run competitions to encourage movement/footfall around town
  • Business Watch – Shara outlined the plan and some signed up to the WhatsApp group
  • Lawyers from Tees attending asked for a follow up meeting with LSR re the BID as they are interested in knowing what else they can do to be involved.  Meeting arranged for Feb 18. BID directors welcome to join

ACTION:               LSR to follow up on ideas raised
BID Directors to please note Open Meetings in schedules and attend where possible


  • Jim met Pat Lodge (SW Art Trust Committee member) and is really keen to find out more about the BID and what we could possibly do together. LSR will follow up
  • Saffron Insurance (from Samantha Todd) contacted us suggesting they can offer BID businesses a discount on insurance. LSR to meet Jamie on Tuesday 5 Feb.  (Note: this idea was in the original plan under the Thrive theme to support businesses)
  • To boost our social media presence on SaffShopLocal and to be more consistent – LSR has started a ‘campaign’ based on Valentines Day.  Every day we will post a picture or share a link from a business in town on the theme with #lovemytown #saffronwalden.

ACTION        Please can Board members/Directors like the page and like and share the posts as they come up?