SWBID Board meeting June 4 2019

Date: Tuesday 4 June @5.30pm
Venue: Tela Hill Street

Chair: Jim Brewin

Attended (directors): Jim Brewin, Gary Hyams, Ian Hudson, Shara Vickers, Julie Redfern Claire Hunnable
Attended (non-directors): Louise S-R
Declined: Lucy Clarke, Craige Quantin,

Item Lead Timing
 1  Welcome and minutes sign off    
  April Board meeting minutes signed off and will be posted on the website.  As agreed, there was no Board meeting in May    
1a Council changes and involvement w BID (if confirmed by then) JB 10
  With the recent election of the new councils we are waiting final confirmation of the UDC representatives on the BID Board. Subject to final confirmation, James De Fries has been put forward as such. Simon J will continue to be the BID point person for UDC enquires but will not attend the BID Board meetings as he has need appointed to lead the Local Authority Monitoring Meetings (a legal requirement for BIDs)    
2 Finance/business update IH 5 mins
  Croucher & Needham progressing P&L, Balance sheet, VAT return and forecast.  Discussed and agreed to align reporting and change BID company year-end to August 31 given that levy collection is Sept 1    
3 Update on Members’ registrations & Market traders
AGM plan (July)
IH/LSR 10 mins
  Following email and hard copy letters issued to invite BID levy payers to become Members up to the date of this meeting we have had 4 requests.  ACTION: More follow up with businesses at every opportunity.

Re market traders – as per April and May Board Updates there have been conversations with market traders about getting more involved with the BID re promotion and being aware of what the BID is doing. IH investigated how they could become prospective class B members.  LSR had checked with other BIDs and found out that where there was a market present in that town, there wasn’t a formal membership arrangement for them to get involved but they would collaborate at events, and co-promote.  The Board decided we would work out the best way to achieve this with SW market and town council.  ACTION: JR and LSR to get a plan together

Re AGM – all accounts and it was decided to hold in October by which time the BID will have been in operation for 12 months. This will also more time for membership registrations.  Ian H would lead organising it with input from Board members and BID manager as required.

5 Confirm activity and resources required;

  • Ambassador/greeter/ gazebo idea
  • Armed Forces Day activity
  • TIC B2C website
  • B2B website development
  • East Anglia Pass – resources to support
  • UDC parking and MiPermit campaign update
LSR 15-20 mins
  Further to April and May Board Update documents circulated in advance of the meeting by the BID manager – the Board agreed BID manager could pursue plans for an Ambassador role to engage residents and visitors on Saturday event days testing it at the AFD on June 29

AFD – the board agreed to the proposal circulated in advance

BID stall on the Market – given agreement by TC to rent the BID a space on market days and Board agreement, ACTION: LSR will investigate costs and options for the summer campaign

Website – there was discussion as to the merits of BID getting involved with helping the TIC review and renew their website. Given that both the TIC and BIDs objectives are to promote the town and our audience is residents and visitors, it made sense to collaborate/support as we are able.  We also have a BID website for as an online presence for the business community that needs to be reviewed.  ACTION: To review online presence strategy and ask FB to get involved both (and LSR as appropriate). Shara V volunteered to work with both to progress

East Anglia Pass – discussion about what involvement the BID could have with this initiative. Given that they will be visiting businesses to invite them to join, it needs to be seen that the BID is aware of this.  The decision was made not to proactively support it at this time, but let them do what the plan. ACTION: It was agreed that a one-liner be included in the Monthly Update to let businesses know about it.

6 Summer campaign proposal – Independents’ week (July and Local campaign using Ray Sadri LSR 15 mins
  Based on Proposals sent out and reviewed by the Board in advance of this meeting, ACTION it was agreed that LSR would ask RS for 2.5 days work with the BID on the summer campaign    
7 AOB and confirmation next meeting

  • Business Watch and Saffron Security
  • Town Council Meeting, BID stall on the Market
  5 mins
  Re BW – at the time of this meeting, BW had c12 members. ACTION: All to encourage businesses to joining the BW WhatsApp group.


GH highlighted that many projects to date support retail and that we need to plan some activity for the business and professional services. LSR put forward that the summer campaign ‘Shop, Eat, Spend Enjoy Local’ will also focus on this sector. It will showcase in ‘Spend local’ the work of the services businesses.

At recent Open Meetings there has been a request that we run a survey.  LSR shared some initial question ideas provided a local business.  ACTION: LSR to include a survey in the next Monthly Update

Business/Marketing plan – it was discussed and agreed that we will make this plan available for businesses to read.   ACTION: LSR to look into a format to tidy up the existing working document and circulate to the Board

Next meeting: Tuesday 2 July