Enticing people into Saffron Walden

Our members asked us to help attract more people to the town centre; so we would like to continue developing marketing and promotional campaigns and events to encourage visitors into Saffron Walden.

We aim to:

• Work in partnership with tourist organisations/venues on the periphery of Saffron Walden to drive visitors into the town centre.
• Continue to work in collaboration with local organisations to help with popular events for the town centre.
• Develop a new “Town Centre Map” for Saffron Walden to help visitors discover all that Saffron Walden has to offer.
• Develop a new promotional marketing campaign – Saffron Walden Loves….(Art, History, Sports, Culture).
• Continue to develop our strong media relations programme to increase media coverage of the town and its offering, both editorially and through advertising across all media channels including print, broadcast and online
• Continue to provide town hunts and trails and investigate new audiences and themes.
• Implement targeted information campaigns to new residents especially those who have recently moved into one of the many new housing developments surrounding the town. Work with local estate agents to develop a “Welcome to Saffron Walden” pack.
• Identify and work with coach operators that regularly visit Saffron Walden to ensure they provide maps/guides/ shopping offers prior to arriving in the town.
• Work with local retailers to coordinate promotional events.