Our Priorities

This is the Saffron walden BID’s chance to take advantage of a major investment over the next five years and work together to better realise the potential for Saffron Walden’s businesses.

Working together we can bring about initiatives we couldn’t dream of as individual businesses working alone.

The BID will be dedicated to delivering projects, programmes and services to businesses in Saffron Walden town centre focusing on the following three priorities over the next five years.



The BID’s first aim is to promote Saffron Walden and attract as many customers as possible to the town, into the local shops so we can help owners excell sales.


Saffron Walden shops are an important aspect of our town so the BID makes sure that we support them in attracting, engaging and thriving.

Saffron Walden BID Priorities

Saffron Walden BID Priorities


Work together sharing ideas and experience to support each other as we address our business needs and challenges, e.g. security initiatives, social media and other training, helping landlords understand the problems we face.