SWBID Board meeting July 2, 2019

Date: Tuesday 2 July @5.30pm
Venue: Waitrose Hill Street

Chair: Jim Brewin

Attended (directors): Ian Hudson, Julie Redfern Craige Quantin, Gary Hyams, Claire Hunnable Lucy Clarke

Accepted (non-directors): Louise S-R

Declined: Shara Vickers

Item Action
1 Welcome and minutes sign off
  Minutes approved to be posted on the website LSR
2 Finance/business update IH
  Management accounts to date circulated to the Board.  These are being managed on a cash flow basis. Going forward as we progress, accounts will be managed on spend vs forecast basis  
3 Open meetings/WhatsApp groups review
  Discussion about the effectiveness of the Open Meetings given the limited attendance for both which tended to be the same small group of businesses. WhatsApp groups created were useful for instant and short updates but were fast becoming a discussion forum for a few and not always constrictive.

The idea to hold a 1/4ly and more social event was discussed.  JR picked up the action to organise this for September.

It was agreed we needed to review our communication strategy and channels.  IH took on the action to draft one and circulate to the board.

4 BID Board Buddy initiative  
  As part of the point above the board discussed the best approach for engaging with BID businesses.  It was agreed that levels of engagement with the BID team and activities were along a spectrum starting at those who are interested, taking part in BID initiatives and in regular dialogue with the BID team, through to the few who are not pre-disposed to the BID at all.  The BID Buddy idea aims to help increase engagement with more face to face or 1-2-1 interaction to build relationships and mutual understanding.  IH took it on as part of the comms strategy to include a proposal for this initiative.

JR met with LC of the Local and discussed options for regular communication about the BID to inform and address myths that where still abounding eg ‘Spotlight on the BID’.  It was agreed that JR and LSR would meet with LC about this asap and CQ volunteered to contribute.



5 Membership – next steps for more registrations and Group C members Ie AEMR & SS/SH IH
  This item was postponed to the next meeting  
6 Support Local campaign elements update; social media and videos, advertising Market stall, bags & Survey  
  LSR outlined the elements of the #SupportLocal and showed artwork and design for elements.  It was agreed to book the gazebo for the market on July 13 and a rota for businesses to take part/promote.

The videos had been recorded and a schedule is up for their release.  Poster will be put up at AE Station to coincide with the campaign and advertising in the local papers was due to start this week.  The reason for different elements across various channels is to get the attention of our target audience in different ways to reinforce the message.

The idea of a SW branded bag was discussed for businesses and market traders to sell or give away.  It was agreed it helps as a visual reminder and can promote the market as well as the town and businesses.  JR raised the point that there is a business in particular selling branded bags and the BID didn’t want to clash.  JR agreed to speak to them and look in to options for further discussion. GH had a contact who could supply branded bags and said he’d forward details.

LSR raised the fact that there is a lot to do in both managing the day-to-day operation of the BID as well as plan and deliver the initiatives and marketing for them. It was acknowledged that there is a need for more actions to be taken on by board members and others as appropriate



7 AOB & Next meeting August 6 – changed to July 29